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Who Doesn't Want A Mustang ?

It's cool to be cool. When you've got the shades or the leather jacket or maybe even the spiky, Guest Posting heeled shoes, you're radiating coolness and everyone basically wants to be you. This is the look many people go for. If it's the look you're going for, there's one more element you need to add to your ensemble that will make the entire world jealous of you. And that element is a seriously cool car. Luckily for you, the Ford dealership has a car on the lot that will elevate your cool factor to a status that's out of this world.

Buying a Frod Mustang, by Crhis Alexender

Take a look at the Mustang. Everyone knows the Mustang - it's not a wild horse on the open plains but a snazzy, cool car. The 2012 Mustang seats four people and was ranked number two on affordable sports cars. From the amazing interior to the customizable and classy exterior, the Mustang will definitely be the car for you.

Start by checking out the Ford Mustang's interior. This car has room for four people, though its sports car interior accommodates kids better than adults in the backseats. If you are carrying adults in the rear, they'll need to be prepared for less headroom and legroom, as is the case in most sports cars. The seats on the base model are fabric and comfortable and you can upgrade to leather if you choose to go with a higher-end Mustang.

If you'll turn your attention to the center console in the front of the Ford Mustang, you'll notice all your standard audio and climate control features. The buttons are all laid out in an organized and easy-to-reach fashion. They are also large enough that you can find them easily without looking away from the road. As you're looking at the car, if you choose to upgrade, you'll be treated to the SYNC system which is a voice-command system. SYNC allows you to perform such tasks as radio-surfing, Bluetooth phone calls, and navigation commands just with the power of your voice.

The cargo space on the Ford Mustang is nothing to sneer at either. If you choose to go with the Mustang coupe, you'll be treated to 13.4 cubic feet of space, an amount that's larger than most other sports cars on the market. And if you prefer the convertible, you'll be happy to note that the stored roof doesn't take up any of the 9.6 cubic feet. You'll be able to store your bags after a long trip and enjoy the ride home with the top down!

Of course, the fun doesn't end with the interior. You can customize the exterior with a variety of color choices, from dark blue to red to green and even light blue. No matter what your color preferences are, you're sure to drive a car off the lot that matches your choices. When you drive this car off the lot, you'll also no doubt be impressed by its mpg - it gets 19 in the city and 29 on the highway, no easy feat.

So if you want a car that will make you the epitome of cool, look no further than the 2012 Ford Mustang. Not only is its interior top-notch but its customizable exterior will have heads turning so fast, they'll get whiplash.

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For Sale: Ford Mustang With a Custom Bed

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Stay cool, purists. The back end had already been destroyed by the time this Mustang went under the knife.
This custom 2005 Ford Mustang came to my attention thanks to our friends over at The Drive, and honestly, the more I look at it, the more I dig it. The builder Marty is described as a private person, and there’s not a lot of on info this creation, but the basic specs are as follows. After buying the Mustang — which had sustained a nasty rear-end wreck — from a neighbor, the car sat for about a year before he decidedly he wanted to do something wild with it.

That lead to ditching the twisted sheetmetal for a tiny custom bed, which Marty fabricated from scratch in his home shop. As part of the project, he also transformed the front fascia, and added massive box flares front and rear. That process took most of a year, then all his handiwork was sprayed with a fresh coat of Lumabase Shadow Blue. Personally, I think the ultra-wide silver stripes look great on the roof and hood, and love how they complement the wheel and tire package.

Honestly, I wish the pics were better, as it’s hard to get a feel for the overall stance and proportion of this creation. But I’m kind of getting Subaru Brat vibes, which is a great thing, and from what I can tell, the work appears top-notch. Since Marty spends his days as a cabinet maker, and has previously built award-winning hot rods, that’s not surprising. So regardless about what you think about the concept? There’s little question that a high level of skill was involved in the build.

At press time, the asking price for the modified Mustang is $10,000 and the link is still live on Facebook Marketplace. For what it’s worth, I hope Marty gets his asking price, and the new owner takes it to plenty of cars shows — so we can all get a better idea of what it actually looks like. If it would up in my driveway? The first thing I’d do is add a roll bar with some iconic KC Daylighter halogens to the bed. But what do you think? Is this machine too over the top, or just enough over the top? Hit me up and let me know!

Thank you for Mustang Forum for the article.

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Buying a Ford Mustang

By: Chris Alexander


Looking at purchasing a new or used Ford Mustang?

If you enjoy affordable looks and power, the Ford Mustang is definitely the car for you. Before buying a Ford Mustang, you must know that there are many models out there ranging in power to suit whatever needs you may have. When looking at buying your Ford Mustang, first approach the seller and retrieve all the information necessary to identify the vehicle. After identifying the vehicle and you are still interested, take the Mustang for a test drive. After the test drive, leave without discussing a purchse, even if you love the car. Shop around; get a selection for yourself to chose from before purchasing your Mustang.

Before approaching any sellers about a Mustang, you need to know a little about the history of the Ford Mustang. Knowing the history of the car and the models and engine options available by year will prepare you for the first step of purchasing your Mustang. Also, the history of the Mustang may also make you a die-hard fan, and being a die-hard will make you notice every imperfection- a skill that comes in handy when purchasing a used late model car. 

Your Needs

Perhaps you may just need a reliable daily driver and a Ford Mustang V6 could be your best option. If you want a nicer car with a V8, more power, aggression, and control, a GT Mustang model may suit your needs. If you want a sunny day car with a lot of stock power, a Cobra Mustang may suit you best. So before you start looking at different cars, decide what your practical uses will be and that will immediately narrow your search down for your Ford Mustang. 

Also, what is your price range? Check NADA and Kelley Blue Book to see what to expect price-wise for a particular year and model Ford Mustang. After finding out what is in your budget, shop away!

Identify the Vehicle

Identify and validate the model of the car. Is the car the same car that came with the engine, transmission, interior, and exterior options as the car named on the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)? To know this for sure, look into some VIN decoders or online services such as CarFax History Reports. Also, independent research of the car's history may be necessary because not all accidents are reported to authorities. The VIN number is a stamped plate bolted to the dash under the windshield of late model Mustangs. Also, look at and verify the engine code. The engine code is the 8th digit in the VIN, and the model year is coded in the 10th digit of the VIN. Also check and see if the vehicle is the stock color paint and notice any and all performed body work. 

1) The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a stamped plate bolted to the dash under the windshield. 

2) The EIN (Engine Identification Number) is also attached to the valve cover. 

3) The Mustang should also have a certification label fixed at the drivers side door pillar. 

4) The transmission identification tag is attached by the left side engine-to-bell housing bolt for manual transmission, and is attached to the right side on automatics. 

5) The rear differential identification tag is bolted to the rear differential cover. 

Test Drive

Now that you know if you are remotely interested in a Mustang out there, you should take it for a test drive and notice how she reacts to rpm changes, gear shifts, braking, turning, and extreme driving as well. Ask the owner for a repair and service data log sheet just before test-driving. If he has no log sheet for maintenance, you are already one hand up on the seller. Check the tire pressure, oil level, and lighting of headlights, brake lights, and turn signals before starting the engine. Now start the car and listen for any abnormalities in the engine sound.

Now, check all of the seat belts. Don't be surprised if the passenger side seat belts are on backwards- that is a common TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) from Ford. Check the interior wear and be sure to be writing down all of the imperfections you notice in the car at all. Check all of the power options, including the CD player.

Now you are ready to hit the road. Buckle up and take the car for a test drive. At first, drive normally to get the vehicle into proper operating conditions. After a warm-up, get on the throttle and note how the car performs at WOT (Wide Open Throttle). Come to a compete stop and test the braking capabilities. Be sure to travel over a speed bump to test suspension components as well. After you perform your various tests to decide the mechanical structure of the Mustang, return it back to the seller and tell him you have a few more similar cars to go test drive but you will stay in touch.

Don't forget to log all of the imperfections and data on the car! 

Decisions, Decisions

After you have test driven and experienced a handful of Ford Mustangs, compare the logs you have made about the work needed and maintenance to be performed to see what car will suit your needs best. Recall the seller's advertised price and compare that to NADA for high mileage cars, or Kelley Blue Book for lower mileage cars. NADA rewards cars with lower miles by adding to the seller's price, but hinders high mileage cars by lowering the value for the specific year. Now that you know what Ford Mustang you want to negotiate on, you are ready to put your business skills to the test. 


After narrowing your choices down into your budget, tastes, and preferences, return to the seller to negotiate. Always negotiate at Trade-In Value, and work up. Never pay more than book value for a car though, unless it is modified in a way that calls for such a price. But remember also; never pay more than half of what the seller paid for his modifications when purchasing a used car. 


Never pay cash. At least write a check and be sure to get some immediate and written receipt of payment for the vehicle to ensure your financial safety. Now, expect less than a week for the title to reach you for an in-state purchase, and expect no more than 2 weeks for a title on an out-of-state purchase. After receiving the title, go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get a tag for the new title transfer. Be prepares to pay taxes that range in price based on area and car type to receive the title and tag. These fees are mandatory and fair to help pay for road maintenance, etc.


Now that you own your very own Ford Mustang, enjoy the car, modify if you wish, have fun with the new doors the Ford Mustang will open, and remember, we will see you on the road!

Author Bio

This article was written by Chris Alexander of Modded Mustangs.  If you have any further questions about Mustangs you can ask in their ( Mustang Forums. As always, be safe and courteous to those you share the road with.

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New Leak Shows 2024 Ford Mustang Front Fascia Uncovered

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Author : By Brett Foote


Image from Ford
Following years of rumors and speculation, more details regarding the next-generation S650 Ford Mustang have emerged in recent months, while Ford Authority spies have spotted multiple prototypes of the new pony car out driving around, including a likely base model, a GT variant making some rumbly V8 noises, a possible Mach 1 or higher-performance model, and the S650’s interior, giving us a good look at its new flat-bottom steering wheel. Now, a Ford Authority reader has sent us a photo of the 2024 Ford Mustang front fascia completely uncovered, giving us our best look yet at the forthcoming model from that angle.

As expected, the 2024 Ford Mustang represents more of an evolution than a revolution, styling-wise, with a slightly less aggressive appearance than the current model. The lines here are smoother than the S550’s 2018+ refresh, which should appease the many folks who think that the 2015-2017 model is more pleasing to the eye.

It is worth noting that the hood is open in this photo, which makes it look a bit odd, but there are quite a few notable changes present worth diving into. For starters, the headlight design is completely different, slimmer than the current model, and sporting what appears to be a tri-bar LED setup. The familiar pony badge is present and accounted for in the grille, which retains its familiar oval-like shape, while there’s also a lower grille beneath it, which is flanked by a pair of “air intakes” on each side.

This particular 2024 Ford Mustang prototype is a fastback coupe, of course, and appears to be more of a basic model judging by the wheels and front grille. It could also likely be a Chinese or European market example given the presence of the front license plate holder, though that little detail is unclear.

Image from

Despite rumors to the contrary, the next-gen Mustang won’t be available with all-wheel drive, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last week. However, two hybrid powertrain options could possibly be in the works – electrified versions of Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 and 5.0L Coyote V8. As Ford Authority reported nearly a year ago, Ford’s iconic pony car won’t be losing its V8 any time soon.

Previously expected to launch for the 2023 model year, the S650 will
now reportedly enter production next year for the 2024 model year, a detail that was recently confirmed by Ford’s vehicle director for icons and Ford Performance, Ali Jammoul. The S650 Mustang will continue to be built at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant and is expected to have an eight-year life cycle, as Ford Authority reported last August.

We’ll have more on the 2024 Ford Mustang soon, so be sure and subscribe to Ford Authority for more Ford Mustang news and continuous Ford news coverage.

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Ford Stops Building Mustangs For Endlessly Frustrating Reason

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The good news is that the stoppage won't last long.

The auto industry's problems from 2021 have continued into 2022. Next year may be no different. The world is continuing to fight its way out of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting supply chain issues affecting basic goods and new vehicles. Automakers have been dealing with a semiconductor chip shortage, a crucial component required for final vehicle assembly. Major money-makers like trucks and SUVs have received chip priority over traditional sedans and sports cars, and Detroit's muscle cars, such as the Ford Mustang, haven't been immune, with Mustang production now shut down again after a stoppage early in 2021.

The Detroit News reports that the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, home of the Mustang, has been offline all week due to a lack of chips. A company spokesperson said that production is currently scheduled to resume next week.

Hopefully, that won't change but given the current environment, anything could happen. It's not only American automakers affected by the shortage. Toyota, for example, also confirmed earlier this week that it doesn't expect to reach its manufacturing target of 9 million vehicles for the fiscal year through March.

This is quite the contrast compared to the beginning of the global chip shortage when Toyota announced it had a healthy chip supply on hand. The Japanese automaker began stocking up on chips a few years ago following lessons learned from the 2011 tsunami that devastated parts of Japan. Toyota suffered severe supply issues at the time and stocking up on those chips, an expensive endeavor, became company policy. Ford CEO Jim Farley previously predicted the chip crisis isn't likely to end before 2023.

Other auto industry executives share his outlook. But the good news is that chip production is in the process of being moved to the US, in contrast to importing chips from Asia. This major supply chain change will be beneficial in the years ahead as automakers continue to transition to fully electric vehicles. Like their ICE counterparts, EVs rely on these chips for numerous functions though engineers are working to create methods where modern vehicles require fewer overall chips.

While the long-term outlook for resolving the crisis looks good, the short-term effects, like factory workers being sent home with less money in their pockets, are still being felt.


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Hot Take: No, We Don’t Need Another ‘Bullitt’ Movie

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Author : By John Coyle - March 11, 2022

This week, it was widely reported that Steven Spielberg will direct a new Bullitt movie, which will follow the titular detective as he works a new case. And while the man behind cinematic gems like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, and E.T. the Extra Terrestrial surely knows how to make a great flick? The choice to revive Frank Bullitt — more than half a century after his sole big screen appearance — seems a curious one. Because aside from the car chase? Bullitt is a pretty crappy movie, about a lazy, inept detective. So why exactly do we need to see more of this clown?

For the record, I’m all for Ford milking the connection to the swing ’60s flick, as I’ve driven a couple flavors of the Bullitt Mustang, and they were both fantastic.  The black wheels and the Dark Highland Green paint look wicked together, and the power bump, active exhaust, and Performance Pack goodies made them even more engaging to drive than the standard GT. 

In my opinion, the worst part about the Bullitt Mustang is actually the cheesy Bullitt badging. If I could have my way, it’d be deleted along with the galloping horse in the grille and rear spoiler.

Now, if you’ve never seen anything but the car chase, here’s a little recap of Bullitt. After our hero — played by Steve McQueen — is assigned to protect a high-profile witness, he promptly drops them at a seedy motel and leaves. In a movie with a decent script, the reason for his departure would be urgent police business. 

But Bullitt isn’t a movie with any kind of coherence at its core, so that’s not the case here. Old Frank just leaves because he wants to see a lady friend. And guess what? While he’s spending quality time getting horizontal, the witness gets all kinds of dead. You know, because his protection detail had better things to do than his one job.

At no point in the movie is there any blowback from this dereliction of duty, because Bullitt is too cool for rules, and being accountable for anything would make sense. And again, Bullitt is a movie that does not make sense. 
Anyone over the age of four is going to have logical issues with it, if they even get far enough into the plodding, clumsy exposition to ascertain the plot. Even at the time, the only thing this movie had going for it was an innovative car chase, and since movies like the Bourne Identity and Ronin have already provided audiences with peak car chase? 

It’s probably best to let Bullitt fade into obscurity. Seriously, every sequence that doesn’t involve Steve McQueen chasing a Dodge Charger through the street of San Francisco is a complete waste of time.

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2022 Ford Mustang / Fm Ford Authority

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2022 Ford Mustang

We expect the 2022 Ford Mustang to receive several minor changes and updates, representing the eighth model year of the current, sixth-generation Mustang. More noteworthy is the fact that the 2022 model year will likely become the last year of the S550 Mustang.


Slight changes to exterior color selection

Slight changes to features included in trim levels

2022 Mustang Body Styles

The 2022 Ford Mustang will continue being offered in two body styles:

Two-door hardtop fastback coupe

Two-door soft top convertible

The mechanically-unrelated Mustang Mach-E will expand the Mustang lineup as an electric vehicle in a five-door crossover-like hatch body style.

2022 Mustang Platform

Like all sixth-generation units of the S550 Ford Mustang, the 2022 Mustang will continue riding on the Ford S550 platform. The platform is solely used by the Mustang.

The platform features a longitudinal powertrain configuration. Rear-wheel-drive is the only drivetrain configuration available.

2022 Mustang Powertrain

The 2021 Mustang will be powered by the following powertrain choices:

Turbo-charged Ford 2.3L EcoBoost I4 for EcoBoost models

Naturally-aspirated Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 for Mustang GT models

Supercharged Ford 5.2L Predator V8 for Mustang Shelby GT500

A ten-speed automatic transmission and a six-speed manual transmission are offered with the EcoBoost and GT models. The Shelby GT500 is offered exclusively with a seven-speed dual clutch supplied by Tremec.

2022 Mustang Production

The 2022 Ford Mustang will continue being assembled by Ford USA at the Ford Flat Rock plant in Michigan.

2022 Mustang Availability

We expect the 2022 Ford Mustang to arrive during the third quarter of the 2021 calendar year.


The 2022 Mustang starting price is expected to remain similar to the 2020 model, which starts at $26,670.

Beyond 2022

We expect that the 2022 model year will become the last of the sixth-generation Mustang, and that an all-new, seventh-generation model will launch for the 2023 model year. See more on the 2023 Ford Mustang.