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New Leak Shows 2024 Ford Mustang Front Fascia Uncovered

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Following years of rumors and speculation, more details regarding the next-generation S650 Ford Mustang have emerged in recent months, while Ford Authority spies have spotted multiple prototypes of the new pony car out driving around, including a likely base model, a GT variant making some rumbly V8 noises, a possible Mach 1 or higher-performance model, and the S650’s interior, giving us a good look at its new flat-bottom steering wheel. Now, a Ford Authority reader has sent us a photo of the 2024 Ford Mustang front fascia completely uncovered, giving us our best look yet at the forthcoming model from that angle.

As expected, the 2024 Ford Mustang represents more of an evolution than a revolution, styling-wise, with a slightly less aggressive appearance than the current model. The lines here are smoother than the S550’s 2018+ refresh, which should appease the many folks who think that the 2015-2017 model is more pleasing to the eye.

It is worth noting that the hood is open in this photo, which makes it look a bit odd, but there are quite a few notable changes present worth diving into. For starters, the headlight design is completely different, slimmer than the current model, and sporting what appears to be a tri-bar LED setup. The familiar pony badge is present and accounted for in the grille, which retains its familiar oval-like shape, while there’s also a lower grille beneath it, which is flanked by a pair of “air intakes” on each side.

This particular 2024 Ford Mustang prototype is a fastback coupe, of course, and appears to be more of a basic model judging by the wheels and front grille. It could also likely be a Chinese or European market example given the presence of the front license plate holder, though that little detail is unclear.

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Despite rumors to the contrary, the next-gen Mustang won’t be available with all-wheel drive, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last week. However, two hybrid powertrain options could possibly be in the works – electrified versions of Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 and 5.0L Coyote V8. As Ford Authority reported nearly a year ago, Ford’s iconic pony car won’t be losing its V8 any time soon.

Previously expected to launch for the 2023 model year, the S650 will
now reportedly enter production next year for the 2024 model year, a detail that was recently confirmed by Ford’s vehicle director for icons and Ford Performance, Ali Jammoul. The S650 Mustang will continue to be built at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant and is expected to have an eight-year life cycle, as Ford Authority reported last August.

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